About Us

Who We Are

Our names are Rick and Trisha LaJambe and we have a small farm producing farm-fresh eggs in Surrey, BC.  A few years back, we found ourselves looking for a better way to feed our family. We were not happy with the status quo of commercial food production, especially the treatment of animals. The constant uncertainty of what was going into our food led us to decide to begin taking control of our own food production. It's like the old saying goes: "If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself."

Since we already had three children, we figured raising a few more animals couldn't be too hard.

We began our farm in the early spring of 2016 with our first 8 adult Swedish ducks. Our flock has expanded since then to include Welsh Harlequin ducks and White Layer ducks. We now run around 60 ducks for egg production. Our ducks free-range on pasture and are provided with feed that contains no soy or GMO. We promote the natural behaviours of our ducks, especially their desire to forage for themselves. Fresh swimming water is provided for them every day to promote grooming and good health. We want our ducks to be ducks, not egg machines. We believe this makes a difference in the taste and nutrient density of our eggs.



Where We Are

We are located 40 km from Vancouver, just south of the community of Cloverdale. Our farm can be accessed by driving northbound on Hwy 15 from 32nd Avenue. Our driveway is just before 40th Avenue. Just look for the Duck Egg sign!