Bittersweet Departure

Today we said goodbye to 11 ducks. Half of them were from the first group of Swedish ducks we began with earlier this year when we started producing duck eggs. The other half were Swedish hatched here on the farm and one Welsh Harlequin drake we raised from a duckling.

It was always part of our plan to move away from raising the Swedish. They do not produce enough eggs to be economical as layers and we are building an egg business. It doesn’t make it any easier to see them go, though. They are beautiful birds and they bring a lot of character to our flock. We’ll miss them.

Their new home is a 3 acre property with a small creek where they will be able to free-range during the day. The property has a big slug problem. I should say it HAD a slug problem! If someone tells you they have too many slugs, you should politely correct them and inform them that they actually don’t have enough ducks. Ducks LOVE slugs! When one duck finds a slug and picks it up in their bill, the others will chase it, hoping that they can steal it away before it can be swallowed. The only other thing they like as much as slugs are earthworms. Yes, very gross to you and I, but gourmet food to the ducks who will in turn, produce gourmet eggs for you. That right there is what we call a win-win.

So farewell ducks. You’ll be missed by us, but enjoyed by your new family. We hope you bring as much joy to them as you have to us.

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