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 If you already know about our farm, it is probably for our free range duck eggs.

We’ve had a few chickens on the farm, but we have taken our free range chickens to a whole new level! We have built a mobile chicken coop which houses many more hens and is moved to a new spot in our field every second day.

The chickens are let out in the mornings into an area that is ringed by an electric fence to keep predators out and to keep the chickens inside and focused on foraging in that area. They have fresh ground to forage for plants, bugs and seeds, giving them extra nutrition that make their eggs healthier and more delicious. And as always, our birds are given feed that contains No soy or GMO ingredients.

Once the chickens have moved on, their scratching of the ground and manuring stimulates the soil biology, helping to improve our soil and pasture health for when we add grazing species to the farm.

We’re very excited by this new enterprise and the possibilities it opens up for farming our land regeneratively. But we need some help getting started. That’s where you come in. 

In order to quickly repay the costs that were necessary to purchase our laying hens, building materials and fencing, we are offering a Subscription Program.

Here’s how it works:

You first purchase a share in our subscription program. A share guarantees you a supply of eggs for a 6 month period. No need to call, text or email to check on availability. We are now producing for you as your personal egg farmers!

There are 4 different types of shares:

  • Weekly Share of 12
  • Bi-Weekly Share of 12
  • Weekly Share of 30
  • Bi-Weekly Share of 30

By paying for 6 months up front, you enable us to cover our upfront expenses and running costs which makes sure that we can keep producing eggs for you! You get a scheduled supply of eggs at a discount of $0.50/dozen.

Every time you pick up your share from the farm, you will have one unit deducted from your account. You may of course purchase more than one share.

As a subscriber, you will be notified before the public when we will be offering additional products, such as pasture raised broiler chickens.

As an added bonus, for every person you refer to us that purchases a share in our subscription program, you will have 2 dozen eggs added to your account. That's $13 in value just for helping your friends or family to get their hands on local, healthy, and ethically produced food!

How to Sign Up

Simply choose your desired share below and use our secure checkout. We will add you to our list of subscribers and contact you to make arrangements for your preferred pickup day.

Please let others know about this opportunity. Don't forget your referral bonus of 2 dozen eggs!

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