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Duck Eggs

Have you ever seen an egg without a shell?

Because we have many newly mature ducks here on the farm, there are a few who have not quite mastered the ability to coat their eggs in shell. The egg itself is fully and perfectly formed, even the membrane around it, but there is often very little or no calcium buildup on the outside. The result is what I call our Jelly Eggs.

An egg without a shell.
An egg without a shell.

These do not get sold, or eaten by us, though I am told that they are still perfectly edible. I simply don’t trust that nothing nasty has been able to infiltrate the membrane so we give these eggs to our friends with stronger stomachs. Namely, the pigs.

This evening as I was approaching the duck holding pen to put them to bed, I noticed a Jelly egg on the ground. I was a bit surprised since I hadn’t seen one for quite a few days. I entered the gate and headed to where I had just seen it seconds ago, but it was gone. All that I saw in that spot was one of the White Layers walking away from me.

I caught up to her and when I got alongside her I could see she was packing the Jelly Egg. “How cute. That must be her egg that she’s moving to keep safe.”
WRONG!! She started to gobble away at the egg until the membrane broke and she could start to swallow bits of it. Now I know why I haven’t seen any…

The yolk from the Jelly Egg before the duck circled back to finish it off



I’m not sure if the pigs have been talking with the ducks or if the ducks have discovered our website, but somehow they also figured out that duck eggs are delicious!

Let’s just hope for your sake that they don’t figure out how to break shells or they won’t leave any to share!

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