What's great about our Chicken Eggs:

Our chickens get the best of both worlds. They get the freedom to range around our farm and seek out the natural food they want during the day and they get the security of an enclosed coop at night.

They spend their days outdoors, foraging on tender plants, scratching for seeds in the earth, and hunting for bugs or anything else they can catch, as nature intended. We feed them with specially formulated feeds which contain no Soy and no GMOWe cannot and do not claim 100% vegetarian feed because none of our birds are confined. Chickens are NOT vegetarians. They are omnivorous little feathered dinosaurs! We don't judge. We're just glad they're smaller than us!


How to Buy

If you would like to purchase our free-range chicken eggs, please email us at



Text Rick or Trisha directly @ 778-385-2986

We'll let you know what's available and when we can have your desired quantity of eggs ready for you to pick up from the farm.

*Please also consider signing up for our Subscription Program to get a guaranteed weekly or bi-weekly supply of chicken eggs.