Why our Duck Eggs taste so good:

Our ducks are raised with the natural needs of the birds in mind. We feed them with specially formulated feeds which contain no Soy and no GMO. We cannot and do not claim 100% vegetarian feed because our ducks are not confined. They spend their days outdoors, foraging on tender grass and seeds and digging for insects in the earth, as nature intended. The ducks find the foods that they naturally want. This gives their eggs better nutrition, color and flavor!

Our ducks are able to bathe themselves in pools to keep their eyes and feathers clean and healthy. A healthy duck means healthy eggs. Guilt-free, local food!

How to Buy

If you would like to purchase our delicious duck eggs, please email us at



Text Rick or Trisha directly @ 778-385-2986

*Please note that due to high demand we ask our customers to pre-order before coming to the farm, as we don't always have duck eggs available. 

We'll let you know when we can have your desired quantity of eggs ready for you to pick up from the farm.