Pastured Eggs Subscription

Due to flooding and the following cold snap, we sustained devastating losses and will not have eggs available for the foreseeable future.


Pastured Egg Subscriptions

If you have already tried our eggs, you probably want to have them all the time!

You’ve likely contacted us to get more eggs and been told that we are sold out, or there is a wait list. We know how frustrating it is to hear it. Imagine how frustrating it is for us to know we have people who want our product but we are unable to produce enough to serve them. This is why we offer 6 month subscriptions.

“Why should I buy a subscription for eggs?”

Having subscribers gives us a clear picture of how many birds we need to have on the farm so that we are not over or under-producing eggs. After all, it is a minimum of 7 months to order new birds to be hatched and raised to maturity. By paying for 6 months up front, you enable us to cover our upfront expenses (like purchasing the birds) and operational costs which makes sure that we can keep producing eggs for you! You get a scheduled supply of eggs at a discount of $0.50/dozen!

How to Sign Up

Simply choose your desired share and use our secure checkout, or contact us directly to arrange for alternative payment. We accept cash, credit/debit at the farm as well as Interac e-transfers. We will add you to our list of subscribers and contact you to make arrangements for your preferred pickup day.

Please let others know about this opportunity. Don’t forget your referral bonus of 2 dozen eggs!

Here’s how it works:

You first purchase a share in our subscription program. A share guarantees you a supply of eggs for a 6 month period. No need to call, text or email to check on availability. We are now producing for you as your personal egg farmers! Simply come to the farm on your scheduled pickup day and notify us by text that you have picked up for the week.

There are 3 types of shares:

  • Weekly Share of 12
  • Weekly Share of 30
  • Bi-Weekly Share of 30

You may of course purchase more than one share at a time.

As an added subscriber bonus, for every person you refer to us that purchases a share in our subscription program, you will have 2 dozen eggs of added to your account.

That’s $14 in value just for helping your friends or family to get their hands on local, healthy, and ethically produced food!

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